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Attack on Titan returns, providing fans with an hour-long special episode of the final season, part three, aired on March 3, 2023. No matter how many trolls they received for releasing multiple parts for the final season, they made fans happy by delivering this episode.

The phenomenal climax, animation, music, suspense, and complexity have established a new status quo that shows how much effort MAPPA put into the anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s original Attack on Titan manga series. The final season of AOT part three roughly comprises manga chapters 131-134.                

Attack On Titan: Brutality and Repentance

The special episode of Attack On Titan is divided into two parts consisting of The Rumbling and The Sinners. Ramzi and Halil are brothers striving to survive the winter, stealing money to provide for the family. The thing about this scene I love is the attention to detail where it shows that Ramzi only has a left hand, indicating he was caught stealing before and lost his right hand as punishment. Suddenly, they were shocked by the incoming march of giant titans, The Rumbling!

The scene then moves back to a part where Eren was walking and thinking about the future events that would occur because of him. He saw a boy getting beaten in a dark alley by some aggressive people for stealing. He, by his nature, went to save the boy but had a moment realizing that he’ll eventually kill everyone outside of Paradis Island.

Nonetheless, Eren saved the boy from them, which shows how much conflict he’s facing in his heart. But he broke into tears apologizing to Ramzi, realizing that innocent people would soon die because of rumbling, who had no fault.

The next scene moves forward in time to the heartbreaking events where we can see the brothers trying their best to escape from the colossal Titans, but their fate leads them to be brutally crushed to death by the presence of Ymir. It is true horror; there’s no escape. I think the depth of this scene touched everyone’s heart, and MAPPA did a great job with Attack On Titan Special 1 by portraying the brutal outcome of Eren’s actions.

After enduring a frustrating dense trauma, the episode moves to a delicate part where we are blessed to witness Armin and Annie’s long-awaited fan-demand story development. The cute talk between the two definitely calmed us for a few minutes. Annie always was a dense girl throughout the series. But she doesn’t hesitate to express herself to Armin about how happy she was when Armin used to visit him while she was crystallized.

Attack On Titan - Special 1
Attack On Titan – Special 1

Loyalty And Vengeance Of Floch

I’m not going into the argument about hating or not hating this character, but he truly deserves some respect. He had no character development throughout the series except for a few episodes. He was loyal to Eren and his ideology till the end of his life. He came out of nowhere to the flying boat’s hanger and shot the oil tanker off to prevent it from flying. Even though he was on the brink of death, he gave his all.

Floch was a brave soul who stood against the MCs who seemed invincible and fearless. He rebelled not only against them but against the cruel world that they represented. Floch was like the unknown warriors who put their lives on the line for a cause they believed in. He didn’t have the same plot armor as the MCs but had something even more precious- courage.

Farewell Commander Hange

After Floch shot the oil tanker of the airship, it was a new problem for the scouts as they were short in time and the rumbling was headed this way. So, the crew rushed to fix the leakage and refuel the airship, but suddenly they heard a destructive sound far away, and to their horror, they saw an uncountable number of colossal Titans marching toward them.

Commander Hange and the team knew it would be a close call for them to escape and she decided to stay back to buy some time for the scouts to escape. Armin wanted to stay back and slow down the Titans, but Reiner stopped him as he was the only trump card to stop Eren.

Hange, wasting no time, designated Armin the 15th commander of the Scout Regiment. Before jumping to action, Levi appeared to bid farewell to her and said, “Shinzou Sasageyo” the catch phrase of Attack On Titan. Extreme heat from the colossal Titans made it hard for her to fight longer, as she fell to the ground, becoming a fireball, watching Levi and others escaping. This marks the emotional end of the brave fighter, Hange.

Attack On Titan – Special 1 -Trailer

Getting near the final battle

When Levi and others were flying toward the founder Titan, Reiner suddenly thought that if Eren could control all the Titans, why wasn’t he controlling them too? That must mean that Eren is giving them a chance to stop him. They are straight away transported into the Paths Dimension by Eren, who informs them that they must assassinate him to stop the Rumbling and that he would not restrict their freedom to do it.

Then we could see the Warriors’ families and other refugees from Liberio making their way to Fort Salta, a Marleyan base. They came to witness several airships attacking Eren and his Titans. However, the Beast Titan, who manifested as Eren’s skeletal form, swiftly destroyed the airships. It was a horrifying sight that made everyone feel completely helpless and that is how Attack On Titan fans normally feel.

Losing all hope of survival, at that precise moment, they saw a plane approaching the founder Titan where they saw Eldians alongside Marley warriors like Reiner and Pieck teaming up to confront the founder Titan. Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Reiner, Pieck, and others quickly jump from the plane. Zeke’s Beast Titan could be seen causing obstacles on the top of Founder, but Reiner transformed into his Titan form alongside Pieck and successfully pinned the Beast down.

As Attack On Titan gets closer to the end. Our long memorable journey is about to end too. Special thanks to Hajime Isayam for making this possible for 14 years, from the first manga release in 2009 to the 2023 ending episode of Attack on Titan. And, to our Deshi Geek readers, definitely look forward to the upcoming Special 2!


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