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Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 is right around the corner and it is time to get hyped about the aroma, flavor, and festivities. Food is a basic need that we consume daily so it can be considered mundane. However, it is not mundane at all, otherwise, all these restaurants and culinary experts would not exist. Food can be a source of joy and cooking becomes an art in the right hands.

“In order to really get to know a place and the people, you’ve got to eat the food,” says American celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, cookbook author and National Best Recipe award winner Emeril John Lagassé III. The advice rings true as the cuisine of a culture can tell us a lot about the region – the grain, spices and herbs its soil is able to sustain and the kind of livestock which are fed upon them.

Do the locals enjoy flavors that are sweet or savory? How spicy do they like their curry? The answers to these questions may also allow us a glimpse into their quirks and temperaments. Or how does it compare to trendy pop-culture events like AnimeCon? A festival to probe musings of the sort was the vision behind Bangladesh Food Carnival by the Creative Planners of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023

“We wanted to highlight the traditional culinary arts of our heritage,” states Partha Sarathi Das, Event Coordinator and Senior Event Planner of the Creative Planners of Bangladesh. “Bengal cuisine, as you are most probably aware, is extremely unique and an integral part of our everyday lifestyle: nothing brings friends and family together like some good korai or kacchi to conclude an evening. Gathering to share the joy of eating is itself considered a sacred occasion.”

“Does that make Bangladesh Food Carnival a religious observance?” I joke, eliciting a chuckle. “It is definitely an endeavor to honor a revered aspect of our culture,” replies Mr. Das. “And how has the response been?” I follow to which he relates, “Promising. This is actually our second time launching the event. The first time was last year when we were co-hosts with Banani Bidyaniketan, but now we are captaining the ship alongside Yakuza Lounge 極, an Anime-based rooftop restaurant in Rainkhola of Mirpur near Dhaka Commerce College serving Japanese cuisine.

Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 – Promo – Deshi Geek

“The project is being supported by partners from various communities – Haal Fashion, The Daily Samakal, Arthodiganta and The Business Standard in print media; Radio Dhoni in radio media; Mohona TV, Enigma Multimedia Ltd. and News 24 in television media; Bold Boisterous Cosplayers in cosplay and Chandrabindu Entrepreneur Platform in merchandise.”, he proudly listed some well-known brands of Bangladesh apart from one fairly unknown name.

“Sounds like a lot of backup to deal with challenges if you’ve had any so far.” “A few obstacles are always present in this field. There is obviously the usual hurdle of acquiring sponsors and government permits which has led to some delays. The event was initially slated for near the end of September, but the date was pushed back to October 19th to 21st. Nonetheless, the efficiency of our volunteers and campus ambassadors we have retained from our previous ventures guaranteed preparations for this one went just as smoothly as all those.”

A Brief History

“Could we get a history lesson on them? CliffsNotes version will suffice.” “Oh, of course! Let’s see, we were founded as an event marketing agency around late 2019 to connect artistic and entrepreneurial minds from student bodies across educational establishments, hoping to provide an outlet for their skills and birth something momentous which we did with the 2nd International Cultural Event in 2022 alongside 2GO and the Rotaract Club of Dilkusha, assembling participants from over a hundred different institutions throughout the nation for two days on November 25th and 26th at the Bangladesh Film Archive.”

“Another event of note is Alokchitro 2020 which featured more than twenty thousand photographers exhibiting their talents. The story of the Creative Planners of Bangladesh has been a story of success.”

“And how did you fit a turnout of twenty thousand into a singular location?” “Well, the internet makes for a spacious venue,” retorts Mr. Das in jest, “Alokchitro was conducted online just like the early segments of Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 which is a hybrid affair – the last three days will be held offline at National Bangla High School in Mirpur 2 where we will witness a congregation of stalls, cultural performances and a prizegiving ceremony celebrated with a concert on each day respectively.”

Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 - Cover - Deshi Geek
Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 – Cover – Deshi Geek

Bangladesh Food Carnival 2024 Loading

“Wow! You guys seem to be amassing incredible momentum, so what can we expect next from the Creative Planners of Bangladesh?”

“Bangladesh Food Carnival 2024 is certainly going to happen. Before then, there will be a lull period as the Bangladeshi General Election looms on the horizon, but soon afterwards, we are gearing up to return with something big – a Valentine’s Day concert headlined by a major name from India’s music scene which I would rather keep a surprise for now. Instead, I would like to mention a list of major names who have made Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 possible if you may allow me.”

“By all means, please do, sir – the floor is yours.”

“A celebration of World Food Day approved and endorsed by the country’s Food Ministry after its conception on July 2nd, operations for Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 were divided between three teams – team 1, team 2 and the special team: I would like to give a shoutout to everyone in these as well as to Organizers Rahat Jubair, Sima Shikder, Rifat Shahnawaj Khan and Event Chair Mashrafi Sarker Moin who is the owner of Yakuza Lounge 極 too.”

Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 - Visual - Deshi Geek
Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 – Visual – Deshi Geek

Words Of Wisdom

“I extend my congratulations towards them and ask – how might one join this illustrious list? What characteristics are required of a person to be a Creative Planner of Bangladesh?”

“Creativity undoubtedly; interest in activities that involve socialization, networking, public speaking, management and coordination; eagerness to learn, grow and pursue continuous self-development professionally and personally; ambition, diligence, sincerity, focus, conscientiousness and drive – Creative Planners of Bangladesh is an ideal platform for anyone possessing these, winged by Madness of Mystical Artists, abbreviated as MOMA, and SARTE which is our business section.”

“I urge the youth who have been disillusioned by the lack of opportunities in the existing corporate matrix to explore the vast depths of their capabilities that they please come forward and join our ranks so we can push against the tide and create opportunities of our own for us to be seen, heard and duly respected for the breadth of our aptitude. There is much work to be done, but I believe triumph is at hand.”

Surely, and Bangladesh Food Carnival 2023 is shaping up to be one such triumph where I hope to see you all this weekend!



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