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With the Harry Potter series announced I have a question for you all. Who doesn’t know Harry Potter? A very well-known franchise from our childhood as we ourselves grew up watching Daniel Radcliffe as Harry the orphan wizard finding himself in a magical realm almost unknown to him. However, readers of the story that J.K Rowling wrote claim to be superior to all of the movies. They say that even the characters don’t fit the description and they aren’t satisfied with the emotional connection that clearly lacks in the movies.

So, what does JK Rowling do after hearing this? She makes a series of course! Yes, now after all these movies and books we will get a series for Harry Potter which claims to be loyal to the books. This Harry Potter Series will air specifically on Max previously known as HBO Max. The cable series will adapt to the 7 popular books by JK Rowling named Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and lastly, Deathly Hallows.

One rather curious piece of information we got is that the Harry Potter Series is set in 2021 in the Harry Potter Universe. Well, the live-action series will adapt the books directly so the change is only in the timeline. A change in the timeline might result in other changes and we can only hope that they are of a nature that can satisfy the readers of the books.

Harry Potter Series 2025 Announcement

Plotline, Cast & Crew

What has been confirmed is that the Harry Potter Series is not going to be a spinoff like the ill-fated Fantastic Beasts Franchise. There are reportedly going to be seven seasons with each season adapting one book. There can be the argument that a direct adaptation may not be needed as there are already films that have been adapted from the books. However, a Harry Potter Series news is already sending ripples and surprise waves through the Wizarding World fandom.   

Now talking about the cast of the Harry Potter Series, since there were claims of roles not fitting the original description of the book and Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint clearly grew up, the series is taking in a new cast. Even the audition for the search for perfect roles is still on.

Nicole Tasker, the founder of Hero Talent Group, told the publication that the actors for the Harry Potter Series would be chosen through open calls and the casting will conduct open calls on social media, the team will also search neighborhood drama groups, and get in touch with all the child agencies as today everything is more accessible.

Harry Potter Series
Harry Potter Series

Expectations From Harry Potter Series

But how will people take in the new live-action adaptation known unofficially as the Harry Potter Series? The Harry Potter books will be expanded into a ten-volume series using the same epic craft, love, and care for which this global phenomenon is renowned.

Yes, it will run for a long time, which can also be a good side as the hit series Friends and Big Bang Theory were also adored by all. In addition to the wonderful detail, beloved characters, and dramatic settings that Harry Potter fans have cherished for more than 25 years, the Harry Potter Series will have a fresh cast to guide a new generation of fans. So, they will get closer settings from the book and a handful of situations to place their imagination and theories on. This could also encourage new watchers to join this loved franchise.

Now the question is, why would this series top everything we had before? Well simply because the writer herself is funding the series and she will be one of the producers looking after the fact that her writings in the books actually get the justice they deserve and that she can finally satisfy her fans. Now since the casting is still going on there is a handful of rumors that some roles are already set but as to whom remains a mystery to date.

Controversies & Speculations

Well, they are yet speculations as this is a very committed series that they will have to devote 10 years to without many physical changes. The series is expected to be released around the year 2025 and there is quite a gap until release making us realize that the work will be done with a lot of care especially since many controversies regarding the writer surfaced which made her stay away from her 20-year anniversary special of the Harry Potter movies and boycotts of the Hogwarts Legacy game by many.

It might happen that the writer finally redeems herself and her statements or try to stand on neutral grounds but for now, she has been very careful as the show is very precious to her and she wants to portray that to her loyal fans of Harry Potter. I sincerely hope the Harry Potter Series will be an epic to behold transgressing the ugly identity politics culture.

For now, let’s hope for the best and wait in anticipation as the Harry Potter Series can definitely mesmerize us. Also, it can get fans from the new generation as the Wizarding World is a fantastic fantasy. Btw, do check out my recent news article on Bleach TYBW Cour 2!


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