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Spider-man spinoff? The recent trailer released of Madame Web features the first-ever Sony‘s adaptation of the comic book that features a leading female character. Directed by S.J Clarkson and produced by Columbia Pictures and Di Bonaventura Pictures in association with Marvel Entertainment, the much-anticipated movie Madame Web is set to release on February 14, 2024.

Seems Sony picked Valentine’s Day to show us their love for us, eh? Although many people are unaware of Madame Web’s main title, her connection to Spider-Man helps to establish the movie’s tone. We have had the fortune of witnessing the highly entertaining and much-appreciated ‘Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse’ quite recently and the next one ‘Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse’ is loading. Now, this new title is giving a blissful vibe.

Sony is currently working on building a new universe that encompasses Spider-Man and Venom characters, after having a rough time with Disney over the rights to these characters. There were rumors that Sony might remove Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and keep it for its own purposes, and based on Sony’s recent activities, it seems likely. Now let’s jump into more about Madame Web.

MADAME WEB – Official Trailer

Madame Web Cast

– Dakota Johnson will be playing the role of Cassandra Webb, also known as Madame Web.

– Sydney Sweeney is set to portray Julia Carpenter, who is also known as Spider-Woman.

– Emma Roberts will be playing the character of Mary Parker.

– Adam Scott has been cast as Ben Parker.

– Isabela Merced is set to play Anya Corazon.

– Celeste O’Connor will be portraying the character of Mattie Franklin.

– Zosia Mamet’s role has not been specified yet.

– Tahar Rahim will be playing the character of Ezekiel Sims.

The most interesting thing is that we will once again see Ben Parker, and you guys already know what happens to him all the time in his fate! Poor Uncle Ben.

Madame Web - Poster - Deshi Geek
Madame Web – Poster – Deshi Geek

Who Is Madame Web?

Madame Web, a character from the Marvel Comics universe, possesses a unique set of abilities that allow her to see into the future as a clairvoyant mutant. Although her comic book portrayal depicts her as blind and paralyzed, the new movie adaptation of Madame Web features Dakota Johnson as a paramedic with the same prophetic vision. Additionally, Sydney Sweeney will be portraying Julia Carpenter, a version of Spider-Woman, in the highly-anticipated film.

Madame Web is a fascinating character in the Spider-Man universe. Her real name is Cassandra Webb and she is an older woman who is both clairvoyant and blind. Unfortunately, she also suffers from a chronic neuromuscular disease that makes it difficult for her to move and breathe. Despite these physical limitations, she is a valuable ally to Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, whom she advises and guides whenever he needs help.

One of the most interesting things about Madame Web is that she knows Parker’s true identity, adding an extra layer of complexity to their relationship. To support her life, she sits in a unique web-shaped chair that doubles as a life-support machine. From this chair, she uses her psychic powers to fight crime and help Spider-Man in his mission to protect the city.

The Internet Is Absolutely Roasting The Madame Web Trailer

Trailer And Expected Plot

If Sony finally decides to stick with the main comic book story, then we are going to have a great plot ahead of us and the trailer was quite promising regarding that. We already know from the trailer that the main character can see the future. Originally, she is supposed to be a crucial character for Spider-Man and the multiverse.

In the trailer, it could also be seen that the Nemesis of her has the same power as herself. Madame Web was also seen to protect a bunch of girls that Ezekiel Sims wants to demolish for a reason. Could Ezekiel be someone Miguel O’Hara who takes action depending on future events? It could be as he says in the trailer that the girls, she is trying to protect might become something in the future. Whether it is good or bad we will get to know in the movie that’s for sure.

But the movie is going to be an origin story for Madame Web which is going to be a fundamental movie for future Sony-verse events. The movie characters have a wonderful chance to even appear and have an impact in the animated Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse as it was already seen in Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse that live-action people can also exist there.

Madame Web - Visual - Deshi Geek
Madame Web – Visual – Deshi Geek

Is Spider-Man Going To Appear?

Maybe not in the main plot but Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could be hinted at in the post-credit scene to make the movie more interesting or hint at the upcoming multiversal disasters which is currently ongoing in the MCU. As Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is completely alone now he badly needs an advisor, which is literally Madame Web for him in the comics. The forthcoming film could either be situated chronologically before the events of Morbius and flesh out the intricacies of the multiverse or capitalize on the foundations laid by previous movies and take place after.

Also, the ending of Morbius, confirms that the effect of the multiverse is also linked there and Morbius and Venom are also in the same universe, we can also assume that Madame Web is in that universe. The post-credits scene of Morbius features a conversation between Vulture and Morbius regarding the potential for like-minded villains to form a team. This dialogue could serve as a prelude to the multiversal events of Madame Web.

The recent release of Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse reinforces the notion of a linked Spider-Verse that encompasses both the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the Sony Spider-Verse live-action universes. The limitless possibilities that have arisen from this development offer Madame Web the chance to expand her horizons within the vastness of the Spider-Verse, delving into uncharted territories of storytelling and character exploration.

Should You Watch It?

As the release of Madame Web is going to unveil a new spider family for our beloved Spider-Man, so to know more about the future of Spider-Man this movie is going to be fundamental. Also, a new superheroine appearing on the big screen as a solo movie is really something else which we should not miss really. So, pack your bags folks as we head towards the way to Spider-Man spinoff, Madame Web!


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