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The third season of Classroom of the Elite aka Classroom of the Elite 3 is now available on Netflix with 13 episodes and it’s surprisingly better than previous seasons. Based on Shougo Kinugasa‘s light book, this anime series delves deeper into the complex dynamics of a prominent high school where students compete against one another in a contest of cunning and ambition that inspired me to write this article.

Classroom of the Elite 3 is one of the most coveted anime of the year along with Solo Leveling, Ninja Kamui, Suicide Squad Isekai, MHA Season 7, and Tower of God Season 2. The Studio Lerche production is nothing less than sensational even in its third season. And, the hype & excitement for the series is growing day by day. So, let’s dive into the thrilling world of Classroom of the Elite 3.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Classroom Of The Elite 3 Plot

Like the 1st and 2nd seasons of Classroom of the Elite, the 3rd season kept its supremacy in the school anime genre. Classroom of the Elite 3 adapts from Volumes 8 through 11.5 of the light. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, the mysterious protagonist, is explored in greater detail in the plot, which also presents fresh difficulties at the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School.

Viewers are kept on the edge of their seats in Classroom of the Elite 3 by the increased suspense and strategic approach. We see the intricacies of Ayanokouji’s personality and the philosophical disputes that characterize this universe as we follow his trip. The pupils of Class D, now Class C, find themselves in the middle of a new exam after disrupting Class C’s arrangements.

With their pride at stake, Nagumo, the newly elected president of the student council, challenges Manabu, Horikita’s brother, to a duel on a personal level. Fearing that in the upcoming year, Nagumo might choose to misuse his position of authority, Manabu asks Ayanokoji for a favor. Ayanokoji is currently working behind the scenes once more to assist with Nagumo’s investigation and mentor his students through their most recent tasks.

Classroom of the Elite 3 - Poster - Deshi Geek
Classroom of the Elite 3 – Poster – Deshi Geek

Character Development & Unpredictability

Classroom of the Elite 3 is dedicated to character development and it is among its best qualities. When Ayanokouji’s layers are removed, vulnerabilities and ulterior motives are exposed. The story is made more complex by his interactions with the other students, all of whom have different goals. Every move feels like a calculated game of chess, and there is a tangible tension between the characters.

In Classroom of the Elite 3, uncertainty breeds success. The game throws a curveball right when you think you’ve got it figured out. The story keeps readers wondering, and the shocking turns are both exciting and fulfilling. The show keeps us watching whether it’s through a calculated move or an emotional reveal.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 | Official Trailer

Stunning Visuals & Breathtaking Soundtrack

Classroom of the Elite 3 continues to have an engaging visual presentation. The Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School’s modern building is expertly contrasted with the lush surrounding nature by its creators. The students’ cerebral fights are fought on the antiseptic classroom walls. The overall experience is improved by the attention to detail, which pulls viewers farther into this world of high risks.

Because the character designs are consistent in Classroom of the Elite 3, we are able to identify the unique personalities of each pupil. The images, whether it’s Arisu Sakayanagi’s grace or Kiyotaka Ayanokouji’s cold stare, serve to highlight the characters’ ulterior motives. The animation quality is still excellent, giving each scene a sense of intentionality and purpose.

A special mention should be given to the soundtrack of Classroom of the Elite 3. This enhances pivotal points of the story by blending in perfectly. The music takes on a life of its own, highlighting the tension in psychological conflicts and giving important passages more emotional impact. Whether it’s a moment of calm reflection or a calculated discovery, the soundtrack expertly enhances the narrative.

The entire mood of Classroom of the Elite 3 is also enhanced by the themes of the beginning and conclusion. The opening scene establishes the mood and foreshadows the mind tricks that will follow, while the closing theme offers a sobering contrast. Viewers are guaranteed to be completely engrossed in this intellectual battleground thanks to the sound design.

Classroom of the Elite 3 - Still - Deshi Geek
Classroom of the Elite 3 – Still – Deshi Geek

Classroom Of The Elite 3 Uniformity & Drawbacks

Classroom of the Elite 3 keeps the show in equilibrium, in contrast to several anime that have trouble keeping their tones consistent. It moves smoothly from dramatic psychological conflicts to more subdued character moments. Deliberate pacing helps viewers understand the intricacies without becoming overwhelmed.

Let’s now address the major issue at hand: All things in Classroom of the Elite 3 may not seem perfect. There are times when it verges on absurdity, and it can be pretentious. Even so, it has an addicting quality. It pulls us in like a wicked pleasure. Even though we scoff at the melodrama, we can’t help but stay watching for more. Maybe it’s the appeal of the mind tricks or the thrill of seeing characters outsmart one another.

Classroom of the Elite Complete Series Trailer

Successful Present Promises Bright Future

Fans of psychological dramas should not miss Classroom of the Elite 3. This show defies preconceptions, honors intelligence, and revels in its own boldness. The struggle of the greatest minds has only just begun, as we bid this chapter farewell. Regardless of your level of experience, get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with tactics, suspense, and shocking discoveries.

Like the previous seasons, Classroom of the Elite 3 will hold you tight on the edge of your seat until the last episode is aired. Now the question arises will the anime return for a fourth season? As of right now, the network, studio, or any creative representatives have not released any official information. On the other hand, a wealth of primary materials is accessible from the current second light novel series.


My desire as a writer is to immerse the readers to a distinct universe where they can experience a wide range of emotions,suspense and entertainment. Stay tuned for more!!!

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