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Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands are an integral component of the fast-growing pop culture scene and community of the country. We mostly focus on the many events and festivals that take place throughout the year. Also, the cosplayers are always the talk of the town. Apart from them comics and manga are also gaining popularity day by day as we see Deshi Geek venturing into the comic scene.

However, the true dark horse and underdogs have always been the Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands. Still, the influence and following they hold in the community is undeniable. So, anything regarding them is also under the microscope of the general population of the community. Since these brands have stakes in events like – ACD, ACC, DPCF, SHN, and many others of note.

With all that in mind, it is safe to say that the influence these Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands have in the scene is absolute. We have been purchasing our favorite merch from Aoi Sakura, Knock, One Stop, and Qrio for years. In recent times, new players like – Glyphs BD, Kawaii Shop BD, and Auctor have taken the field in this competitive market. However, the shocking ‘Shut Down’ announcement by Knock and One Stop has sent shockwaves.

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Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands Knock & One Stop Shutting Down?!!

Around a month or so ago two of the most recognized and popular Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands announced that they are going to shut down operations permanently. Knock and One Stop created a shockwave within the community with the sudden announcements. Knock dubbed it as the ‘Last Day of Knock’ giving a 30% discount on all their products. One Stop announced a 20% discount for a clear-out.

Now the question may arise, “Why are the two of the most popular Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands closing down?”. The answers are out in the open with Knock clarifying on their page that the owner is moving abroad. So, it will not be possible for him to continue running the business in the current circumstances. For most parts that is a fairly valid reason for shutting down the business.

As for One Stop, the owner let me in a conversation that he will be venturing into new businesses, sort of a new challenge so to speak. That is also a very valid reason to permanently shut down as that is his decision as a businessman even though the regular customers will feel rather disappointed and might ask even if venturing into a new business is necessary what is wrong with running the current one as well!

Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands - Poster - Deshi Geek
Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands – Poster – Deshi Geek

The Unwelcome Controversy

The announcement of two of the most popular Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands shutting down was followed by the most unwelcome controversy you can think of. In one of their Facebook post, Knock replied to a comment saying One Stop is copying their decision to shut down. Whatever the intention of that comment was it sparked a heated debate online between Knock and One Stop representatives that has baffled the netizens.

One Stop made a follow-up post clarifying they did not copy anyone and that it was their original decision to close down the business. It was also mentioned in the post that there had been talks in the recent past between Knock and One Stop pertaining to a deal for One Stop to take over Knock, a buyout if you please (Confirmed by both brands). However, nothing materialized and what followed was an immature drama.

Later, One Stop owner did a Facebook live addressing the controversy and announcing they are not shutting down completely as the business will go online. He also mentioned that if the public truly wants and demands then One Stop will make a comeback. This should be welcome news for their regular customers. However, some netizens have hinted that both brands are doing publicity stunts for emotional marketing.

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What Other Brands Think?

Whatever is truly happening with Knock and One Stop can only be explained in time when everything is clear. Until that point, everything else is pure speculation. Now let’s not forget there are other influential Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands. Aoi Sakura Mart, Glyphs BD, Kawaii Shop BD, Auctor, and others have remained tight-lipped about the ongoing issue so far. They have not made any comments, why I wonder!

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Fortunately, I was able to land an interview with the legendary ‘Frogs’ from ‘Qrio the Curious Shop’. They were really vocal about their dissatisfaction with the ongoing issue. Well, they didn’t take any sides but according to them the situation becoming like this is truly unfortunate and unwanted. I agree with their sentiment and think many others agree too. Such controversies are definitely unwelcome.

As to the question, if Qrio also plans to close shop one of them remarked, “Qrio is doing good business despite tough times with increased raw material prices and taxes. Still, we are adamant about providing top-quality products at reasonable prices. And will try to run this business to our dying breaths. Also, Qrio refuses to pull emotional stunts to gain customer sympathy. We simply focus on providing quality products!”

Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands - Visual - Deshi Geek
Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands – Visual – Deshi Geek

What Next For Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands?

With a very immature drama unfolding before us, it begs the question what’s next for the Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands?!! Keyboard wars, throwing shade, and post counter posts are very common to us who follow this community albeit mostly in the Cosplay circle. Now we are seeing it among the vendors as well. This does not bode well for the community at all in any circumstances.

I also would like to ask senior vendors to take responsibility as the general audience and customers of the community look up to them to maintain standards and goodwill. With that maybe the community will be able to push forward towards a better destination. So, unlike the title of this article ‘2024 Marks the Ultimate Downfall of Bangladeshi Pop Culture Merch Brands?!!’, I hope the reality will be very different!



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